Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Island's End

Island's End
by Padma Venkatraman

Book Description:
Uido is ecstatic about becoming her tribe's spiritual leader, but her new position brings her older brother's jealousy and her best friend's mistrust. And looming above these troubles are the recent visits of strangers from the mainland who have little regard for nature or the spirits, and tempt the tribe members with gifts, making them curious about modern life. When Uido's little brother falls deathly ill, she must cross the ocean and seek their help. Having now seen so many new things, will Uido have the strength to believe in herself and the old ways? And will her people trust her to lead them to safety when a catastrophic tsunami threatens? Uido must overcome everyone's doubts, including her own, if she is to keep her people safe and preserve the spirituality that has defined them.

I thought that this was a really interesting and slightly magical easy read.  The main character, Uido, was cool, because she really just wanted to help her people.  She was scared sometimes, but she pulled through to save her people.  I liked how it is based on real natives from real islands off the coast of India. I had no idea they were even there! I thought the culture clash they experienced with the people in mainland India was well depicted and that the spiritual journey Uido faced was very intriguing.

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