Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stay Connected With Us While We’re Closed!

Stay Connected With Us While We’re Closed!

Join One of

How Do WSPL’s Online Book Clubs Work?

We’ve picked two books, one for adults and one for older teens, that we’ll all read together and discuss online. Simply read the pages suggested each week and then join us for the online discussion of that section.    

Week One: Oct. 19—24
Week Two: Oct. 26—31
Week Three: Nov. 2—7
Week Four: Nov. 9—14
Week Five: Nov. 16—21
Week Six: Nov. 23—28

On the last day of each week, we will post a link from the Library’s Website and Facebook page to our online blogs where the discussions will take place. You can discuss the events of the book so far, your favorite characters, and even try to figure out what might happen next… 
If you read ahead, don’t give away what happens!!

Questions begin tomorrow, November 20th... Talk to you soon!

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