Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Pandora Gets Greedy

Pandora Gets Greedy
by Carolyn Hennesy
Pandora series, book six
Book Description:
Pandora is off to Rome in search of Greed. With a little magical help, Pandy and her friends pose as servants for a Roman senator. But the hard work leaves little time to search for evils—not to mention dealing with the senator’s bratty daughter. When a feud breaks out between the senator and Julius Caesar, Pandy finally gets the courage she needs to search for Greed. But there is an odd twist. The Greek gods are in town on a "family reunion" with their Roman counterparts. Are the double gods just a coincidence or are they here to help her?
While I love this series, I had a hard time getting into this particular volume. I don't know if it's that it starts out with Pandora having forgotten what she her mission, or that it took a few chapters to build into the larger story, but something just felt like it was lacking... as I continued into the story things evened out again, but I had a really hard time at first.
Once things picked up again, I loved seeing the Greek and Roman god counterparts interact. It was fun to see them working together and sometimes against each other as they waited for Pandora to complete her quest. Pandora's friends also continue to grow closer and closer as a unit, bonding and protecting one another whenever they can.
The next book in the series is the final one and though this book was not my favorite in the series, there is NO WAY that I'm not going to read the last one and find out how it all ends! 

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