Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kissing the Pig

Yes. You did read that right. 

Want to know what Terri and I did at work today?  We kissed a pig!  @.@

Today was our Library's visit from Farmer Minor.  He loves to bring his potbellied pig, Daisy II, around to visit libraries...

Daisy II loves to hear pig stories.  So do his sisters, Lily-Pug and Dixie-Cup, the pugs.  Daisy II also loves to get pet and get hugs and sometimes, for very special people, Daisy II will share kisses!

As part of our summer reading program this year, Terri promised that if all the kids and teens in West Springfield read 4000 hours, she would kiss the pig.  Since we are almost there and will definitely have the 4000 hours by the end of next week, here is Terri keeping her promise!!

And, because it looked like it was fun, I decided to kiss the pig, too.

So, what exciting things did YOU do today? :P

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