Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's on My Hold List?

I wanted to try out a new feature...
I think it will be fun a lot of fun!
Each month, I'll let you know
"What's on My Hold List?"

One of the most beautiful things about working at our Library is that I know what's coming out and what we'll be getting and I can put the books on hold right away!
These are some of the books that I'm currently waiting for:
by Lee Nichols
Haunting Emma, book three
*This one is still on my hold list...apparently it's taking forever to come in. I may break down and get this one on my nook soon!*
by Veronica Rossi
*Another one that's still on my list, but I believe it is on its way!*
by Kim Harrington
Clarity, book two
by Lissa Price
*If you click on each title, it will take you to the book on for more information. :)*
So, these are the books I'm waiting anxiously to get my hands on...
what are YOU waiting for??

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  1. So, I got a suggestion that I should actually include the amazon description for each book on the blog post rather than just linking to that something you guys would like to see?