Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Dead is Not an Option

Dead is Not an Option
by Marlene Perez
Dead Is series, book five 

Book Description:
It’s springtime of senior year, and psychic sleuth Daisy Giordano is preparing to say goodbye to Nightshade High. But no college acceptance letters have arrived yet, and she’s beginning to worry about where she’ll end up come fall—and if it will be anywhere near her boyfriend, Ryan. But that’s not the only uncertainty Daisy’s dealing with. There’s a vamps-versus-shifters war going on in Nightshade, and things are so tense that there is talk of canceling the prom. The conflict is carrying over to the Giordano home, since Rose and Daisy are both dating werewolves and Poppy’s new boyfriend is a vampire.

Can the paranormal community in Nightshade finally find peace?
And will Daisy and her friends survive graduation?

You know that feeling you get when you pick up a book and you have no doubts that you will love it...that you will lose yourself in it? That feeling when you meet an old friend. The feeling when you anticipate laughing out loud...

Yup. For me, this series is exactly THAT. I love these books. I love Daisy, the main character, and her friends and family. I love the paranormal elements - psychics, werewolves, vampires, and more! I love the mysteries, danger, excitement...

Okay, okay. I'll stop gushing. Let me just say, that I sincerely hope this is not the final book in the series. 

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